The BAZIS contemporary project space was launched in 2009 as a progressive artists-run space. It introduced emergent artists who, independent of current trends and tastes, have chosen to express a strong, particular, personal artistic vocabulary.

”Bazis” is the Hungarian word for 'base'. Base - for friendship and communality. Base - as generator and incubator. Base - to demolish the border between artists and viewers. Base - to link artists and curators. Base - for connecting artists and collectors.

In 2017 the Bazis contemporary project space was splitted in two new venues: BAZIS Contemporary acts more like a gallery space and Bazis Project Space is a more experimental platform for young artists both for residencies and exhibitions, located in a former factory building transformed into a new contemporary art center: Centrul de Interes.

Manager: Csilla Szabo, Founder: Zsolt Berszan